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~a game of scavenging from the fallen~

The battle is over, and somewhere a leader rejoices while another weeps. But you know naught of leaders, or of sides. You are a carrion bird, a scavenger, a junker, descending on the field of battle and picking through the dead and dying. Your life comes from their death. It’s not an existence that any would choose, and you’ll do whatever it takes to escape.

Crack Their Bones, Eat Their Marrow is DM-less tabletop RPG for 3-5 players. It has no set genre—it can just as easily be picking over the remains of a medieval battle, a gang skirmish, or a mech fight. Each player will have their own motivation over the course of play, and many of these will not align. Betrayal is to be expected when you make your life ripping metal from the dead. 

The game uses a combination of both mechanical and storytelling elements. Some parts of the game may require you to roll a die or flip coins, others may not. But treat both elements equally seriously—this is a game about telling a story; and a scene that reveals the heart of your character is as important as one that forces you to lose resources.


Pen/pencil, scratch paper for tracking coins, a six-sided die, a giant pile of coins (a roll of pennies should work), or a coin flip simulator.


The game is available in both black-and-white and four-color versions, as well as standard and 3-page zine layout.


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crack their bones bw 1.0.2.pdf 3 MB
crack their bones 1.0.2.pdf 3 MB

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