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The Fall happened not during your time, nor your parents, but during that of the oldest of your grandparents. They still remember the internet, the incomparable variety of food, and all the information of the world at their fingerprints. And while they spend their twilight years egging you on to try and restart a global society, you gather with your peers Under the Sign of the Green Mermaid, and talk through the issues of your village and work together to try and tackle the problems that beset a small community in trying times.

A DMless, co-operative post-post-apocalyptic storytelling RPG about building communities for 3-7 players

When things go wrong, people come together, and help one another. It’s one of the reasons humans have survived so long. This isn’t Mad Max. There is no thunderdome. Instead there is supporting those around you, helping people who need help, and creating a place full of love and growth.

The Green Mermaid

Every town, village, and city has one. Many more than one. A remnant from before the Fall—third spaces. Inns, tea houses, and informal gathering places, always under the sign of the Green Mermaid. In your village, people gather here regularly to sip tea made from yaupon and traded at great cost from far southwards, mixed with mint and chamomile grown in their own gardens. Serious matters are discussed and decided on, and the whisky Arthur has been working on for the last few years from his excess corn might come out. Even when people disagree, they know they’re all on the same side. Because we’re stronger together.

Game Requirements

A deck of cards
As many D6 as you can get your hands on


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